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The diverse skills required for some projects are easy to list, yet hard to acquire. We take a pragmatic approach that can be encompassed in our thoughts because we are very happy to look and then advise. Whether you need antique restoration or furniture repairs, we can help.

Victorian gun case (1893) restoration

pink box
green box
The gun was manufactured by John Dickinson of Edinburgh and rebuilt by Derek Miller of Oxford. The shotgun was re-built with an extended stock for the grandson of the original owner in 2006. The torn canvas type outer cover was replaced together with repairs to all the leather work, including the "scarfed in original handle" and the leather hinge was re-sewn. The case was rebuilt internally to fit the revised stock and relined with felt to match the original. 

The original owners initialled the leather label re-positioning and the additional current owners initialled blind tooled "antiqued" leather label positioned below the original.

Victorian draft screen

Victorian screen
The Victorian screen was stripped, re-lined with traditional paper, prior to silk cloth covering with all hidden hinges. The original tapestry scene was super-imposed over the silk.

Art Deco writing case

black coloured writing case
writing case
quality writing case
Art Deco writing case in black goatskin had an ornate silver decoration on the front, encompassing the initials of the original owners as this was a wedding present. An over enthusiastic young gun dog destroyed the top and bottom of the spine and the corners.
  • We re-built the corners and the replacement spine with the use of black goatskin
  • We repaired and pinned the damaged silver, in addition to treating and polishing the scratched leather 
  • With the use of black sheep skiver, we strengthened the inner hinge over the black goatskin. 
  • The black skiver was used as a retaining pouch and a strip for the current A4 pad
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