Restoration of books, prints and antiques

This multi-faceted restoration workshop can cater to most of those family treasures that, over generations have suffered from fair wear and tear, not to mention accidental damage. These items needn’t be consigned to the loft, garage or skip because they can be repaired or restored close to their original state, to maintain that very important family continuity which is sadly being lost in this "disposable and flat-packed" era. From books to chairs and writing desks to jewel boxes, we can sympathetically repair and restore it all by using a combination of traditional and modern methods.

Books and prints:

  • Leather and cloth bound books from the 16th century to the present day are repaired and restored.
  • Paper washing, repair and hand sewing of books when required


  • Internal linings of material replaced with leather or cloth
  • Leather tooling as appropriate
  • Veneer damage repaired before polishing


  • We repair damaged joints prior to the rejuvenation of wood finish with shellac or wax.
  • We also offer upholstery refurbishment, cane or rush seat replacement.
  • Sagging drop-in dining chair seats traditionally webbed and stuffed before the final covering which is as per the client’s choice of materials, cloth or leather.
pink coloured chair


From Victorian gun cases to fabric covered draft screens, all can be brought back to life. Possibly not cheaply, but returning to a quality of article rarely seen today.
Miscellaneous products
hard bound books
wooden box
yellow coloured wooden box
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